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Ascendent animation reveals showtimes!Anime English Voice Actors

Rising animation on Tuesday revealed the cast of its English dub (even a female singer wants to do it), based on (Even Miss Minami Wants Sex) manga by Mai Girigiri. The cast includes:

    Elsie Lovelock as Minami

  • Jordan Woollen as Shoji
    • Su Lingchan

        as Kana
    • PM Seymour as Kazuhiro

    • Ashley Woods as Bow
      Lyle Wilkerson as grandma
    • Bonnie Gordon as stage announcer

      Michaela Laws as Amusement Park announcer

    • Rochelle Chiang as a waitress
      • Rina Adachi Production Assistant

        Steve Walkie Nunes as Gossip Man 1

      Ruben O’Neill as Gossiping Man 2

      Reese Bridger as the cashier

    • Other sounds include Steven Aries, Carlette Odemwingie, Damien Snapp , Clarice Loma , Zach Maher , Shane Tay , Sean Tay, Reggie Lucier,

        Chacetti Connor

      , Rue Ben O’Neal , Venus Carey , Daniel McRae ,

        Reese Bridger


      Bonnie Gordon .


      staff dub includingADR director PM Seymour, Translator Kevin Frane, ADR Engineer

        Steve Warky Nunez, Timer

          Jonathan Singa , ADR Mixer Steve Warky Nunez and Localization Supervisor Kevin Frane .

            Paul Davey , Danny Miller ,

              Brian Rollins , Sean ·Tay , and Shane Tay are praised for quality assurance. No studio special is credited for talent acquisition.

                Katrina Caffeine is the office manager. K. Cornell Kelham is the executive producer.

                Rising animation Description of the animation:

                After the death of Shoji’s wife, “Together” Sing” ! Show” became the key to healing for him and his young daughter Kana. After a chance encounter with the show’s beautiful singer Minami, Shoji tries to start a relationship — but is the single dad ready for the reality of dating a TV celebrity Can Minami, who works in an industry that requires her to maintain a pure appearance, find true love?

  • and many before Projects are different, and the main cast of the anime’s “on-air version” and the more explicit “premium version” are the same.

    A premium version of the anime first premiered on the service, followed by a broadcast version on the same day last October. YouTube channel and other services also broadcast the live version. The anime will have a second season, which will be released in January on Premiere) BS and Tokyo MX, as well as services and other streaming sites.

    Saburo Miura () Directed and wrote the animation script at Rabbit Gate .Kenichi Hamazaki designed the characters and LAZZ is the lead animation director.

    Mercury ) published in September Manga 11. Girigiri also released manga under different titles 176394.

    Source: Press Release 400



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