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Ashish Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear

He has been in this industry for over

years, Employee approx

is an artisan in his hometown realizing his intricately influential womenswear. However, until this season, London-based Ashish Gupta had never shot a series in India before. The reasons for this change may have been very unfortunate (a close relative suddenly fell ill when Ashish was visiting), but the results were encouraging.

The designer then approached a talented local photographer, Ashish Shah, who with his team and collections restored the distance The faded colonial grandeur of a three-hour drive to a hunting lodge. This environment allows Ashish to channel many 100% Indian subtexts in his subconscious, while These subtexts can often be diluted by the English environment. As we chatted at the kitchen table of his London residence (where he has now returned, relatively partially recovered), he thought the inspiration came from 100 of Masala films and contemporary Indian film magazines, Dates from India, Monsoon, his family in



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