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Ashton Kutcher responds to Reese Witherspoon's embarrassing carpet photo: 'The rumor is we don't like each other'

Ashton Kutcher finally puts to rest all the chatter surrounding his embarrassmentyour place or my place with Reese Witherspoon red carpet photo.

At the Netflix rom-com premiere on February 2 in Los Angeles , Kutcher and Witherspoon were photographed posing awkwardly for each other. Since then, social media has been in a frenzy, with many memes created about the two stars’ carpet-blind disconnect.

While showing up at the chick in the office podcast, Kutcher says no matter what he does on the carpet, he can’t win.

“If I put my arm around her and was nice to her, I would have an affair with her,” he said. “Like, the rumor that I was having an affair with her. If I’m standing next to her with my hands in my pockets so it can’t be a rumor, then the rumor is that we don’t like each other.”

He said his wife, Mila Kunis, even texted him and Witherspoon in a group chat, telling them they had to “act like you guys like each other. ”

another reason’20s Show alum explains that he looks awkward on the carpet because he is hard of hearing, Only fully heard within a year, so he was never sure who was calling his name.

“I know a lot of people are yelling, ‘Reese! Ashton! Here!'” Kutcher continued. “If you’re going to tell me there’s one time in the entire minutes you won’t put on an embarrassing face, then You’re just better than me and I’m fine with that.”

Witherspoon also mentions that Kunis reached out to both of them and told them, “You’re on the red carpet together Looks awkward.”

“It’s funny because when you know a girlfriend so well, it’s also fun to get to know her other half because I’ve loved her for a long time Already,” Witherspoon Monday at Today With Hoda & Jenna said.

She also opened up about her friendship with her your place Or my co-stars. “He’s so professional. He’s the funniest guy,” she shared. “I mean, what a fool. We had so much fun, and every time he put on something funny, I’d text Milla. I’d be like, ‘What’s he wearing?’” 7197263248746450222



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