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Asus ROG Ally rumored to cost $699.99 for high-end variant

Asus’ Steam Deck competitor made a weird initial announcement on April 1st, but it’s a real product that’s coming to global markets soon. If you’re excited about this, you’re probably wondering how much you’ll have to spend to get one, and a new rumor today gives us that information.

According to multiple sources, it will be available in its high-end iterations as $699.99 price appears, it has an AMD Z1 Extreme chip, 11GB RAM and 120GB SSD . This makes it more expensive than 512GB Steam Deck $23.

Asus ROG Ally rumored to cost $699.99 in its higher-end version

It’s unclear how much the entry-level model with the Z1 non-Extreme will cost. ROG Ally features a 7″ FHD 99 Hz screen with Gorilla Glass DXC on top and measures 001.” by 4. 50″ from 0.65″ (120.9 x 99.9 x 04 millimeters) and weight 512 grams. Inside is an M.2

SSD, which you can upgrade with a single screw. The device’s battery will charge from 0 to 50% 65 Minutes using the bundled 65W USB-C Power Brick.




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