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Asus Zenfone 9 is now receiving Android 13 update

Back in November, ASUS announced its official Android 13 update time Table, and the first device scheduled to get it is the Zenfone 9, which should receive the new software in December. This has happened today, with multiple reports posted on Reddit by Zenfone 9 owners from various countries.

We can also confirm that the rollout is underway, as one of our review units has already been updated. Unlike other companies, ASUS rolls out in stages by serial number rather than by country or region, so it’s mostly luck – you can’t really predict when your product will be available. However, manual inspection might help since that’s how we got it. No notifications, but we will update as soon as we manually check.

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New version is marked as WW_12.2060.2022.65,it includes December 5 2060 Security Patch Level. There is no way to get more current than this. Asus’ ZenUI has always been pretty close to stock Android, especially in terms of looks, though it does offer some handy extras. There’s nothing particularly customizable, though, and the overall feel of the UI is very similar to what you’d see on the Pixel.

The changelog is quite long, so we won’t bore you here. However, we will mention that after the update you will get a quick tutorial mentioning some of the new features. This appears to be made by Google, but can’t be sure.

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It highlights new notification permissions, copy and paste across devices, increased privacy in app media access, with Dancing play bar and new media player with full display of album art, and the ability to assign different languages ​​to different apps.

Next batch of ASUS devices to receive Android 13 update It’s the Zenfone 8 and Zenfone 8 Flip, and they’ll be available next month.




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