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At 59, Courteney Cox Is A Fan Of Cold Water Therapy

When it comes to her Instagram, fans are used to seeing Courteney Cox performing skits with her partner Johnny McDaid, or laughing at her own beauty faux pas (remember that Scream fringe?). But her most recent photo dump represented something different: a glimpse into her wellness regime for her 14 million followers.

Courteney, it turns out, is a fan of cold water therapy. Lauded for its ability to help with everything from fat loss to improved skin laxity and lowered stress levels, cold water immersion is often cited by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Harry Styles as an integral part of their health and wellness regimes.

Given that the 59-year-old is also an avid fan of the notoriously grueling workout the Tracy Anderson Method, as well as reformer Pilates, it’s perhaps no wonder that she enjoys a quick dip in an ice bath as part of her regimen. As well as improving circulation and boosting serotonin levels, cold water therapy has an anti-inflammatory effect, and is especially good for reducing the muscle soreness that can come with bouts of intense exercise.

“The practice of using ice baths for recovery in fitness has become increasingly popular, thanks to its advantages in alleviating muscle soreness and promoting post-exercise recovery,” says Gavin Teague, co-founder of Lumi Therapy. “If you are using cold water therapy for recovery, I would always recommend to use it after exercise to reduce lactic acid build-up.”

Although she might have the fitness regimen of a Hollywood star (and the lithe and toned body to match), Cox is refreshingly candid about the realities of cold water immersion. While her neoprene socks likely help to ease it a little, her X-rated sign-off suggests she is all too familiar with the inevitable full body shock.



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