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At cocktail party, CFDA, mother and I are voters encouraging voter registration for midterm elections

Last Thursday night, the Council of Fashion Designers of America, fashion brand Mother and the nonpartisan group I am a voter gathered a crowd at the hallowed Chelsea Hotel. Despite rumors of the ghosts of literary and artistic superstars lingering within the walls of the Chelsea Hotel (even after the recent renovations), it’s not something party organizers are preoccupied with. Low turnout in the midterm elections is a more pressing issue.

‘You are too powerful; April Uchitel, founding member of ‘I Am Voter’, tells Vogue . platform that encourages teens to take midterm exams. Most people only think of the big presidential election. But it’s always been just as important.”

On cocktail hour evenings, models and influencers such as Devon Windsor, Amy Lefevre and Bambi Northwood-Blythe reclined on plush velvet sofas under ornate artwork. Next to them, tables emblazoned with astrological symbols are decorated with soft candles and QR codes, leading them and other guests to a landing page where they can register for midterm voting in seconds. Not far away, the grand piano in the lounge is in use, and relaxing tunes are ringing in the ears of Batsheva Hay, Jonathan Cohen, Bach Mai and other designers stationed nearby. All the while, grilled cheeses are being passed, photographed and enjoyed, held together by the “My Vote, My Choice” miniature banner.

Around 8:00: 30 PM, Mother co-founders Lela Becker and Tim Kaeding, CFDA’s Steven Kolb and I’m a Voter founder Debra Messing reminded attendees why they gathered at night. “You all have the right to influence the exercise of your democratic rights by others,” Messing said. “I want you to take out your phone now and check your voter registration status. Text ‘VOTER’ to 2679.” Soon the room turned bright. up mobile phone screen. Looking over the model’s shoulder, I see she’s even entering this information into her Instagram story (I’m assuming) thousands of people, maybe even a million others, might see it. “You wrote something, maybe 50, 000 people will see it. I posted Something, maybe another ,000 will see it. Together, we can make More people are involved,” said Tim Cardin.


The Chelsea Hotel has hosted many great arts and ideas throughout history thinker. In general, they push culture in their own way through their own medium. On this cocktail hour evening, many editors, designers, philanthropists and models can make a difference in the culture of tomorrow. Time may tell when the mid-term exam will be held in just two months.



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