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At Gucci, 'Old Hollywood Flash' Highlighter Brightens Skin Tone

Today in Milan, A pair of twins on the runway at Gucci. It’s entirely reasonable to assume that extreme makeup dramas are in play—and they are, but not in the way you might think. “It’s very important to see that they’re the same, we didn’t use makeup to make them the same,” says makeup artist Thomas De Kluyver too Global Makeup Consultant for Gucci Beauty. “They are who they are. I think that’s a very important factor in that.” But while personality is key, De Cruyff has plenty of room to subvert expectations.

At Gucci “Old Hollywood Flash” Highlighter Lit Up Complexions

Photo: Courtesy of Gucci Beauty

To this end, De Cruyff began to repeatedly study black and white catwalk model portraits. Reflecting the “Old Hollywood Glitter-inspired” effect captured by photographer Mark Peckmezian, De Kluyver used Gucci Beauty’s new Flora Eyeshadow Palette in the center of the face to give selected faces a shimmering, contoured effect. “Instead of protruding around the cheekbones like you naturally do, it’s almost like a reverse protrusion,” he explains. “We call it ‘flashlight makeup’ — it’s a halo of beauty.” Other looks included a more edgy application of blush, which saw De Kluyver swirl a soft pink Gucci Blush De Beauté into the hollow of the cheek and Work across the lids to the brow bone; a swipe of highlighter adds a fairy touch on the cheekbones. “There’s an otherworldly feel to makeup,” he says.



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