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At Hav + Mar, seafood, sustainability and art find common ground

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Years ago, Marcus Samuelsson opened Red Rooster, a cheerful supper club-slash-arts salon in Harlem that changed the New York restaurant landscape forever. People come here for the food – a delightful patchwork of southern comforts and Ethiopian and Swedish staples (a nod to Samuelson’s roots) – but stay and keep coming back for in its deep red A unique sense of community is found on the benches.

Like Red Rooster, Hav + Mar, Samuelsson’s new Chelsea location fully embodies the chef’s worldview, now deep Affected by the events of the past two years. “During the pandemic, I really thought about getting back to nature,” he said. “I’m asking myself: What will restaurants look like post-pandemic? What’s important to me?” He found answers in ancestral foods — Berber-cured salmon and injera; lobster and crab with rice and Peas; farm-fresh vegetables (Hav + Mar combines the Swedish word for “sea” and the Amharic word for “honey”) – and emphasizes sustainability and diversity. “It’s a great privilege to have a big restaurant in New York, and if you’re going to do it, you have to put everything you have in it,” Samuelson said. “This is a place that will celebrate black excellence outside of Harlem, so our goal is to work with black and BIPOC winemakers and farmers.”

At Hav  Mar Seafood Sustainability and Art Find Common GroundAt Hav  Mar Seafood Sustainability and Art Find Common Ground

by Flo Ngala,


, September33.

Women of color make up the restaurant’s core leadership team, including Executive Chef Rose Noël (formerly of Maialino Mare in Washington, D.C.), General Manager Franshelis Montalvo, Head Chef Faryal Abdullahi and Chief Baker Farheen Jafarey (Red alumni of Rooster). “At Hav + Mar, we are Ethiopians, Haitians, Pakistanis, Swedes,” said Noel, the daughter of Haitian immigrants. “We start every meeting, every meeting together, absorbing those influences.”

Same for Hav + Mar which is open every day Important lunch and dinner that reflects the creative spirit of its community. (It is located on the first floor of the historic Starrett-​Lehigh building in the west th Street and th Avenue.) into artist Derrick Adams, Samuelsson’s friend and collaborator for about ten years. “I can’t cook and he can’t draw, but I think we’re all inspired by our shared passion,” Adams said. In this new restaurant, he wanted to contribute to soul food – seafood cuisine and Samuelson’s focus on black creativity; he settled on the theme of the black mermaid, which appeared in various sizes and brightly patterned materials in throughout the light-filled space.