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At This Chateau Wedding in the South of France, the Couple Married Under a Colorful Floral Chuppah

The moments before the ceremony didn’t go quite to plan, however. Somehow Jared walked into one of Tulipina’s floral arrangements, showering him in yellow pollen. The entire wedding party pitched in to help, taking pieces of tape and using them to remove the pollen and get him camera ready. In a similar snafu, Emily’s veil got caught on the steps holding her back as she attempted to make her way to the service.

But when the violinists started playing at the beginning of the ceremony, all was right and ready to go. At that point, Jared slowly walked his mother down the aisle to her seat. “Most of the crowd was in tears, as it was uncertain she would be able to attend only weeks before because of a very serious diagnosis that she heroically overcame to experience what she described as the best party of her life,” Emily says. “She whispered to him that his father would have loved this and that he would have been so proud.”

Emily was escorted down the aisle by her father and gave Jared a little wink as soon as they made eye contact. In her vows, she talked about Jared’s “Tetris way of life” and how it’s a perfect match for her more “pinball-style” approach. Jared read a poem that he wrote for Emily after their first date, seven years ago, when he knew she was the one. The marriage was sealed with an “I do” from the groom and a “Hell ya!” from the bride, and they broke the glass, kissed, and walked down the aisle while friends threw rose petals. “It felt like we were in a dream,” Emily says. “There was no anxiety, all of our best friends and family were sharing this special moment with us.”

After the ceremony, there was a cocktail hour with a champagne tower overlooking the view towards the old city of Vence and the ocean. There was a slow-motion video camera—similar to the ones used at the Oscars—for posing and a strolling band who, after the cocktail hour, led everyone to the tent for dinner. The tent was also adorned with Tulipina’s florals, and the musical group Inspiration welcomed everyone by playing “Bittersweet Symphony.”

Musical performances punctuated each of the dinner courses, with Jared’s mother-son dance to “She’s the One” by Billy Joel leaving everyone in tears. The theme for the menu was an elevated take on street food, and lobster rolls and burgers were served, while the funfetti cake—the couple’s favorite flavor—was created by Made in Cake.

For the after-party, White Eden had the idea to build an entire false wall in the lobby of the chateau and have a secret door open when you pulled on a giant portrait. For this prop, the couple chose a replica of Banksy’s “Mobile Lovers”—one of Jared’s favorites, considering his work on the like button, and a gentle reminder to all of our guests to unplug and have a good time. A little after midnight, the couple danced the hora.

Inside, the space looked like a speakeasy, and the late-night party went until 4 a.m. “Jared, an amateur breakdancer, even did a few works and handstands,” Emily says. “And there was a 3 a.m. bouquet toss! The last thing we did that night was re-read our vows to each other before falling asleep.”



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