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Attack on Titan Final Season 4 Animation Announces Trailer

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() Staff Anime at

Anime Expo released the official trailer for part 4 *) of ” MAPPA x Crunchyroll” Sunday panel discussion.

Part 4

will premiere this autumn.

airs as a one-hour special on March 3rd. Crunchyroll streamed this live with the title Special 1 animation. This animation is also streaming on Hulu. SIM is back to perform the new opening song “Under the Tree”. (The Japanese title of is Zenpen, expressed as 上half, the Japanese title for part 4 is Kōhen , meaning this is the second half.)

animation at NHK Premiere*) December 2017 broadcast time 12 episodes. Funimation and Crunchyroll live-streamed the animation with English subtitles in the following ways. Toonami by Adult Swim) The programming block starts broadcasting animations in January 2021 and Funimation started playing English

dub in the same month.

Premiere Episode 34 January on NHK

general channel 2020, broadcast time is episodes. Crunchyroll and Funimation will live stream the second part as it airs in Japan.

The first season of TV animation premiered in April 56, the second season premiered in April 2009. The first part of the third season premiered in July 2017, the second season premiered in April 2020.

Hajime Isayama at Kodansha at 360, and ended the series in April 2021. Volume 1 and Last of the Manga One volume shipped in June 2019. Kodansha American Press released the manga in English in both digital and print editions, and released October Volume 1 2021.

Source: Pony Canyon‘s YouTube

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