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Attico Fall 2022 Ready-to-Wear

Flirting with fickle emotions is The Attico’s favorite Activities of Georgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio. “We’re multifaceted, and we like to accept contradictions,” they say matter-of-factly on a studio date. Evidence of the statement is that, after the pre-fall collection curbed pragmatism, in the winter they took the girls back to where they started: the gorgeous, lavish party circuit, and they were the undisputed queens.

From upscale penthouses to rugged garage clubs, any stage can prepare for the after-dark getaway that Attico’s nocturnal creatures are after . To further highlight their not-so-middle-class preferences, the lookbook imagery is set against a backdrop of a rugged, unremarkable place featuring cool bombshells in a sheer, liquid asymmetric dress dripping with hand-cut sequins that catches the eye The striking cut reveals large swaths of bare skin.

Ambrosio and Tordini are honing their favorite body-focused silhouettes while maintaining a certain high-style cool. The canonical example is a series of attractive numbers that repeat retro references, a sexy version of what they call a “ruined roaring 20s flapper” dress, a relaxed silhouette with tight hips, Wear it with a sports swimwear bra or see-through mesh bodysuit. Rendered in daylight shades of pink or acid yellow, they are bold with hanging rectangular acetate sequins. Even the most crowded party won’t go unnoticed in a slinky goddess dress, or, for that matter, purple feather-soaked flares paired with a knotted cropped pink top with a chop in the front.

Ambrosio and Tordini leaned on their tomboy side, updating and upsizing their successful cargo pants (which were apparently coveted by their male fanbase). They also offer some imaginative tailored pieces for men. A collarless acid green jacket in an hourglass style with extra-long flared sleeves; it can be used in place of a coat or worn with a very short sequined miniskirt for a party. Elsewhere, classic evening gowns were paired with sturdy-shouldered jackets and curvaceous cuts in a saturated shade of electric blue. Bold knit capes and XXL cardigans are textured with feather-like multicolor fringe and layered over sequined tunics, utilitarian oversized jeans, and sports bras. “We wanted to convey an unconventional, instinctive feel,” they said. “But keep it cool,” they said. Of course they know what to do.




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