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Attico Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini are in love with spring. Just don’t imagine any romance or overt sentimentality. Attico’s designers haven’t set their hearts on sleeves—in part because the skinny, revealing party numbers they favor often come without sleeves. That said, they are very passionate when it comes to expressing their feelings.

A dress that goes somewhere,” they mused. “There is an intimate relationship between a woman and her clothes. ’ With the help of their actress-expressive friend Mariacarla Boscono, they staged a cinematic moment, shooting a lookbook in an empty studio with nothing but a giant sofa and a sofa upholstered in red vinyl. Huge square cushion for decoration. They imagined the space as a frame of mind for a woman in love, allowing Mariacarla to be the interpreter of the roller coaster of emotions that comes with the situation.

in love The often seamless swing back and forth from desire to anger is palpable. Giorgia and Gilda have created a wardrobe that navigates this territory in as alluring a style as possible. Sequins suggest sparkle and desire to attract; passionate ruffles Trims and ribbons convey energy. Shades of red dominate the palette, and lacquered jersey lends a smooth liquid sheen to the surface.

Like The Attico, Tomboy and Sirens coexist. Oversized trousers, roomy multi-pocket trench coats, and a new version of their best-selling cargo pants highlight the delicate, multifaceted nature of women that Giorgia and Gilda love. “It’s exciting to be in love,” they say . “But we’d rather be responsible. Being vulnerable really isn’t an attractive option. “



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