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Attorney: Wolverines players start tunnel battle after MSU-Michigan

Attorney Dave Diamond, representing Michigan football players, claims that a Michigan player was actually responsible for the tunnel attack.

The Los Angeles-based attorney released a statement saying a Wolverine “engaged a Spartan with a helmet and a flailing fist.”

“The media took the bait from the trainer and the master victim and his howls at the moon. We learned that the UM player started an altercation. Witnesses described it as charging with his helmet and punching him,” attorney Say. He continued, “The justice system is designed to be impartial. Repeated ‘salutations to the victims’ song and dance don’t help the fact-finding. Ann Arbor’s screams raise questions about Coach Howard’s attack or Devin Bush’s felony vandalism Criminal charges. Silence is palpitating. Hypocrisy is painful. While we acknowledge wrongdoing by all parties, this is not an incident that merits criminal charges.

“We were on the grill Saw similar behaviour and even worse as it happened suddenly in a tunnel, known for incompetent safety and poor post-match management, there were calls for criminal charges. My client was a young man who responded to the situation in front of him. “

As of Nov. 1, Michigan State has suspended at least eight players for the events of Oct. 30. Two videos shared on social media captured two separate altercations, a A Michigan player — defensive back Jamon Green, who was allegedly hit by a helmet — plans to file charges.

Wolverines coach Jim Harbaugh confirmed on Oct. 31, “Police An investigation is underway,” and called the incident “shocking.”

“It’s disgusting to watch the video. Also appearing on social media now is the ABC tunnel camera – it’s at a higher altitude and it shows more of what’s going on. As I said, those look disgusting. “

Malcolm Jones, Justin White, Jacoby Windham, Brandon Wright, Tank Brown, Cary Crump, Angelo Gerrard Rose and Zion Young are the suspended Spartans so far. Coach Mel Tucker expressed his disappointment in a statement after the game Sunday morning and followed up at a press conference on Monday.

“We are not here to make any excuses for Saturday’s actions,” he said. “They are unacceptable. Equally important, we honor the Big Ten traditions, including the Michigan-Michigan matchup. We have a responsibility to uphold the values ​​of this great university.

“Our deepest apologies to both colleges, conferences, our fans, alumni, supporters, and of course all of our students – athletes, past and present.”

The University of Michigan Police Department and Big Ten are also investigating.

A relative of a Michigan player went through security and confronted a Spartan player, according to Diamond. “Instead of criticizing Michigan State employees for not engaging with the 6-foot-6 Giant, why Michigan players were allowed into the tunnel, we must ask ourselves about Michigan’s safety in the tunnel,” he said in the statement.

“…This case does not require criminal prosecution. Talking to the detective investigating the case, I was relieved by his impartiality. ”(*​​*)



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