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Aussie Rules footballer faces discipline after sex video in pub

Robert Chanfrone/Getty Photo Agency

This Glen Waverley Football Club has committed to disciplinary action against players involved in a sexual act that took place in a pub earlier this month, via TMZ Sports:

“The club is taking immediate action to address the egregious violation of our culture and values ​​in this incident.

“The individuals involved as well as the wider playing group will be disciplined and educated, if required, in the behavior expected of members of our club Type as well as physical and emotional advice this has had an impact on the families involved, club members, players and the wider community. “

After the club completed the Australian Rules football season on August 14, several Team members went to a bar in Melbourne, Australia. At one point in the midst of a day of heavy drinking, a bet was made between two teammates, who agreed that the loser would perform oral sex on the winner.

The sex act took place in the middle of a bar and footage of the incident ended up going viral online.

The men involved have not been identified, but the club said they and others involved will be subject to disciplinary action.

Daily Mail , players also left traces of destruction at the bar.

Other patrons at the bar say the team stole drinks, smashed glasses and abused other patrons while the bathroom was “full of vomit” .

Glenn Waverley Hawks finish last in the Eastern NFL Third Division leading to next season Begin to downgrade to the fourth partition.



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