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Austin Butler says all the songs he sang for Elvis 'ruined my voice'

Austin Butler’s voice is still what people talk about months after Baz Luhrmann’s The topic Elvis was posted.

And on Friday at The Graham Norton Show In one episode, the Oscar-nominated actor explained that he might have “kind of ruined my voice” because of all the singing in the film.

“My vocal chords, they’re harsher now,” he added. “I just practiced a lot, you know, and then it turned out that I ended up doing all the singing for those early stuff.”

In June sounds like the King of Rock and Roll , his role in this award-winning film.

Recently, viewers have noticed Once Upon a Time in Hollywood voices of actors sounds a lot like the music legend he played when he accepted the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Drama . “I don’t even think about it. I don’t think I still sound like him, but I think I have to because I hear it a lot,” Butler said after the ceremony, explaining why people It is possible to hear his voice this way. “I often liken it to someone living in another country for a long time, and I had three years of that being my only focus. So I’m sure the pieces of my DNA are always going to be connected in that way.

Butler told Graham Norton that his publicist had also pointed out to him that people had been talking about his voice on social media. He said, “It really gave me a moment of self-consciousness because I thought, ‘Am I being hypocritical? Isn’t that my voice? First Oscar nomination for Best Actor , he won Best Actor for his performance in Elvis Presley , also said that he was “getting rid of his accent, but I may have damaged my vocal cords from singing. ’ He added, “It took A song to spend a song. ”



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