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Australian YA series Heartbreak Climax renewed for second season on Netflix

Netflix has ordered the second season of its groundbreaking Australian YA series Heartbreak High. Produced by Fremantle Australia and NewBe for Netflix, the cast and creators of Heartbreak High will soon be reuniting in Sydney for pre-production and filming.

The show is a reimagining of the classic Australian series that ran for seven seasons in the 1990 years And eventually aired in over 70 countries. The new show’s first season seems to have instantly resonated with young audiences around the world, starting on Netflix in September 14. It is also in more than countries (including the United States and European, African and Asian countries.

Set in the fictional Hartley High School, the first season of the reboot follows an overlapping network of high school relationships — friendships, foes, couples and crushes — all of which are put to the test after an “incest map” The revelations are chalked on the school walls, exposing the various sexual relationships between students. Like its predecessor, the new version is known for its playful and sensitive depictions of a variety of teenage pressures and aspirations, including those of a wide range of races, genders and neurological traits, winning plaudits and fans.

The Hollywood Reporter recently collaborated with Heartbreak High Producer Carly Heaton spoke in an exclusive interview last week The rebranding and new success of the show.



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