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Authentic Milanese street style takes center stage in Vogue's latest 'Streets of Milan' video

Viewing street style images remains a favorite pastime for anyone with a fleeting interest in fashion. In our latest issue of “The Streets,” we travel to Italy’s ultimate fashion city: Milan. Sure, you’re familiar with the glam street style scene outside of every Italian fashion show every season, but what does real

Milanese style look like? Based on our intrepid cast, it reflects the city’s diverse inhabitants, but also connects to each individual’s history. More than one person sees their family as inspiration, whether it’s an old family photo, a gift from a family member, or even a pair of pants stolen from their mother’s closet (related!). oh, one more thing? They just love stripes. Watch the video to learn more about authentic style on the streets of Milan.

Co-Directors: Giulia Lo Foco, Filippo CastellanoDirector of Photography: Leonardo CastellanoEditor: Katie WolfordVogue Senior Producer: Jordin RocchiDeputy Director of Creative Development: Alexandra Gurvitch, Billie JD Porter Vogue Runway Senior Fashion News Editor: Laia Garcia-FurtadoVogue Associate Producers: Lea Donenberg, Marisah Yazbek, Natalie HarrisMilan Producers: Elisabetta Zecca, Luca Sodi Camera Operator: Mauro Gianesini Assistant Camera: Matteo Canzano, Patrick Giacomelli Audio: Paula Ferri Carazo, Jonathan Stilo Production Assistant: Andrea Messinese, Davide Robotti Camera: Alessio Keilty Translation: Gabriella Goria, Jamie Mancini Starring: Livia Chiffi, Lina Giselle Murillo, Stella Stone, Martina Nermin Del Pretto, Mauro Simionato, Mattia Giordano, Eva Lavigna, Divna Šuša, Elisabetta Dessy, Ilenia Gobbato, Ilaria Gobbato Production Coordinator : Ava Kashar Production Manager: Kit Fogarty Producer: Romeeka Powell Senior Director of Production Management: Jessica Schier Assistant Editors: Andy Morell, Justin Symonds Post Production Coordinator: Jovan James Supervising Editor: Kameron KeyPost Production Supervisor: Edward TaylorVogue Content, Production Director: Rahel GebreyesSenior Programming Director, Vogue: Linda GittlesonExecutive Producer: Ruhiya NuruddinVice President of Digital Video English, ” Vogue: Thespena Gutieri

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