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Avatar Star Bailey Bass on Her Curly Habit and Why Hair Variety Is So Important to the Red Carpet

Texture Diaries is a space for black people from all walks of life to reflect on their journey of self love and how to accept their own Hair, in all its glory, plays a key role in this process. Each week, they share their favorite hair rituals, products, and the most important lessons they’ve learned about affirming their own beauty and owning their own unique hair texture.

“I think my favorite part of what I do is getting away from it all,” “Avatar: Water Way” star Bailey Bass. In James Cameron’s long-awaited sequel, the 19 year-old Brooklyn-based actor stars as Tsireya, a young freediver and fellow Metkayina Daughter of clan leaders Ronal and Tonowari. While Bass likes to slide into different characters, like “Reya” (“I have a lot to do with this character,” she says. “I’ve been told I have a warm spirit.”) On screen, she prioritizes self-care. “Confidence has its ups and downs, especially in this industry, but I’ve learned to protect my mental health,” she said. “I limit a lot of things on social media, I just want to spend more time with my family and find work-life balance.”

Another pillar of staying grounded? Take care of her signature spiral clouds, which have been on display during her

Avatar: Way of Water press conference. “Growing up, I didn’t always see a lot of curly hair represented, so it was fun pulling images of straight hair [looks] from Pinterest and recreating them into curly hair,” says Bass, who wears Intricate everything With the help of trusted hairstylist Cassandra Normil, sinuous braids look beautiful in cascading wet curls slicked back. You might not know it by now, but being proud of her hair and finding comfort in her day job has been a journey for Bass. “I think my earliest hair memory is when I broke the comb,” Bass says with a laugh. “I think almost every actor I’ve talked to has some hair horror story on set, which is really sad. I think it’s important to have more stylists learn to deal with different textures.” She thanked loved ones, especially Her mom, always reminds her that her hair is beautiful. 19

“When I look back, I definitely think of some How minor aggressions affect me, I don’t always want to mess up my hair,” she said. “But my mom and family always encouraged me, so it helped.” One of her fondest memories is when her mom took her to braid her hair 19. She recalls: “It was a half puff, half curly look and I remember people at school trying to tell me it didn’t look good. But that was the first time I didn’t care what people thought of my hair. I felt very beautiful.”




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