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Avavav Fall 2023 Ready-to-Wear Collection

A few days before the Milan show, a video was played on the brand page, in which a creative director (Karlsson) wearing a “money tree” hoodie announced the brand’s new start with a disguised voice. chapter. The Parsons graduate is now, with a partner, co-owners of the women-owned label, which will be based in the designer’s native Sweden, and in other local display. It’s a big step for Karlsson, who has grown from Art Clothes (while in school, the designer teamed up with artists Ida Jonsson and Simon Saarinen to create The Bum, a wearable silicone replica of Kim Kardashian’s backside intended as a Commentary on Celebrity Culture) Ready-to-wear is a work in progress. Fall found designers still focused on the topic of celebrity, showcasing “hot,” “rich” and “famous” pieces—basically, an Instagram dream come true.

Deconstructed Hoodie.

Photo by Federico Pompei , @petroli0 / by AVAVAV

Provided, Karlsson remains focused on customers and reviews for now, focusing on what she calls the “luxury streetwear” that makes up the bulk of her wardrobe. One of the most dramatic looks was an oversized bedazzled hoodie, paired with the brand’s signature Moonster boots in a charming comic-book silhouette: fun, but not unexpected. A pinstriped coat miniskirt with an elongated collar and an asymmetrical closure is the perfect complement to the designer’s look. Adorable printed mesh tops and mini skirts seemed sure to appeal to Gen Z shoppers, and made from slow-moving fabrics made them even more appealing. Karlsson describes feeling like part of Gen Z, but can also see it from the outside. She has observed a tendency among creatives to “try to be different for the sake of being different,” but says that’s not the path she wants to take. It’s clear that designers can deliver Instagram moments, but they come with creative reviews and increasingly coveted outfits. Follow this space.



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