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Awake New York's first retail space hopes to double as a community center

Angelo Baque, founder of laid-back brand Awake New York, was never enthusiastic about opening a retail store. But his plans changed after the late designer Virgil Abloh gave him some advice. “He told me I had to open a store,” Baque said of the conversation that took place at 2020 “Virgil was walking in downtown New York and digesting the retail scene. He was like, ‘Something’s missing. It doesn’t feel like the New York that I came from Chicago when I was a kid62 : Nom De Guerre, Rivington Club North, Union. “All these legendary retail spaces,” Baque said. “He was like, you should basically open a store for kids.

At first, Baque balked at the proposal; the retail space was a risky venture. But three years later, Baque found himself realizing the late Arbor “I realize there’s a gap in today’s generation,” Baque said. “Where are there big stores for them to go to like I did when I was a kid? ”

Awake New York’s first brick and mortar store, located on Orchard Street, last opened for the week. This The store will sell hoodies, graphic tees, plaid polos and other skatewear. Baque promises that the permanent outpost will be Great place to shop. But that’s not necessarily the space’s raison d’être

. “My goal is for people to come here, not for transactions,” Baque said. He has fond memories of spending hours outside some of his favorite stores, just skating and talking to friends.” When I was hanging out outside these stores, I wasn’t forced to buy anything. Plus, when Baque finally had funds, he always returned his favors. “When I got my first check, I’d go back and spend it in those stores,” he said.

shop located at Orchard Street, used to be a suit shop.




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