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“Awards Chatter” Podcast – James Gray (“Armageddon Time”)

James Gray, guest reporter for this issue of The Hollywood

of awards chat podcast, is a New York-born, Los Angeles-based filmmaker described by the Los Angeles Times as “an auteur, unusual Yes, he made his own business in his own way,” The New York Times called him “an accidental maverick: A die-hard traditionalist shtick in an industry of innovation and innovation”, and was hailed by the French newspaper Le Monde as “the greatest One of the American Directors.”

Over the past 23 years , he wrote and directed eight feature films: Little Odessa , 2008’s yard , 2007 of we own the night , 2007′ s Two Lovers, 2016 of immigrant , 2016 of Z Lost City ,

Ad Astra of and this year’s Armageddon Time — all films at the world’s top film festivals had their world premieres at one of them (five in Cannes), two in Venice and one in New York).

During our conversation at Gray’s home in Los Angeles, 53 The 20-year-old recalled the turmoil at home in New York as he traveled to Los Angeles for film school and then at the age of , making his critically acclaimed first feature film; his challenges in independent films, including multiple clashes with Harvey Weinstein, and in studio films challenges, including having one of his films taken; why he returns to New York’s outer boroughs so frequently in his films; and themes of immigration, social class, and his own family, most recently in Armageddon ; and many more.



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