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“Awards Chatter” Podcast – Taron Egerton (“Blackbird”)

Taron Egerton, guest on this week’s episode of The Hollywood The Awards Chatter podcast of Reporter, one of Hollywood’s top young stars. A British-born Welsh actor played a teenage delinquent turned secret agent in the 33 film Protégé of Kingsman: The Secret Service, he landed the top spot for his portrayal of Elton John A-list In the movie Rocketman, for which he won a Golden Globe and was nominated for Best Actor SAG and BAFTA Awards as well as a Grammy. In 2019, his performance in the Apple TV+ limited series Blackbird as Jimmy Keene, a drug dealer who has been offered an early release from prison if he can extract the location of a serial killer’s victim has already brought him a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award and is poised to bring him an Emmy nomination, too. 2019

Over the course of this episode, 33 -year- Old reflects the importance to his career of filmmakers Matthew Vaughn and Dexter Fletcher who have repeatedly supported his The character; the occasional running thread that Elton John played in his life and the biggest challenge and reward of finally playing him; why he enjoyed his first encounter with

Black Bird the chance to do a feature-length TV show together, even though the show’s themes took him to some very dark places; plus more.



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