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Ayakashi Triangle anime announces main cast

The Aniplex Online Fest 183926 EVENT ANNOUNCEMENTTV animation cast of Yabuki Kentaro of Comic Saturday. It also debuted the anime’s second trailer:

The main actors are:

  • Chiba Soya as Kasumaki Matsuri ( Male)
  • Tomita Mei Yu as Kasumaki Matsuri (Female) Ichinose Kana as Kim Izumi

  • Motoda Tetsuo as Shirogane
  • Akiya Akira (, , ) CONNECT Director of animation, with

    Kei Umabiki as assistant director. Masigo Yaskawa (, , ) are responsible for the series of scripts. Furukawa Hideki (, IV, FINAL , , ) Characters are being designed. Jin Aketagawa is the voice director, Rei Ishizuka (, ) is working on create music.

    The animation will premiere in January next year.

      Viz Media and Shueisha are both releasing digital manga in English, Seven Oceans is releasing the compiled volumes in English both digitally and physically. Seven Oceans will release its first uncensored digital edition in November. Seven Oceans describes the story: 189235 Shonen Kazumi Matsuri has long been part of an elite force of ninja exorcists tasked with battling the malevolent ayakashi spirit that threatens Japan – especially in Those after his childhood friends, spiritual medium Kanade Suzu. As he protects her fiercely, and his relationship with her grows from friendship to something more, a powerful cat, ayakashi, vows to enter among the lovebirds: by casting the forbidden spell that turns Matsuri into a woman! With no obvious way to break the spell, Matsuri must continue to fight ayakashi in this new female body — and back to school — until he finds a way to turn around.

      Yabuki in Shueisha of magazine in June

      . Shueisha published the manga Volume compiled on September 2.

      Yabuki (, , , ) recently released Shueisha ‘s Original manga adaptation on website and January’s app 2020, and ended the manga in January 0830. The manga has eight volumes.

      resource: Aniplex Online Music Festival2018190114




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