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Ayu Watanabe's Arashi-kun's Pillow Manga will end on January 13


December issue of magazine revealed last Friday that Ayu Watanabe‘s Arashi-kun’s pillow (Arashi’s pillow) manga will be published in the magazine in February 2017 January issue .

The story of the romance manga revolves around a high school girl and a girl named Arashi Moonose Pretty transfer student sleepless. After sleeping in the same bed, their relationship began to deepen.

Watanabe launched at

Comics March 2019. Kodansha The fifth manga volume 2019 was published in June .

Watanabe launched

Comics in in and ends in August 2019. Kodansha published the manga 13 Volume 10 and Final Volume 2019. Kodansha America Publishing Company is distributing the manga in North America. Watanabe launched the manga sequel in Pink In February 12, the comics are serialized from time to time.

inspired A live-action film by Ayaki and Yamazaki Kento

starring in April 2014.

Yaone Shimoto, “Suki” ga Futatsu

(Two Loves Under the Roof), new live-action film adaptation from the manga A different cast, released in Japan in March 2019.

Source: December issue




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