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Azuki adds 9 manga series, 8 1-Shot titles from Media Do and MediBang!This month

KiraKira Media Inc.’s Digital Manga Service Azuki Announces Week Four, it has added nine comic series and eight one-off comic titles to its library. And MediBang!.

azuki.png Image courtesy of Azuki

The following manga and one-off titles are now available on the service, with a selection of free chapters from manga series titles:

manga series:

    DEBORAH IS MY RIVAL by Kaoru Tada

by Kaoru Tada Author Maekawa Miba

  • Other A love story between me and my intern Author
  • Yuana Kazumi Flower Demon Gate of Realm Author Mako Oikawa Gourmet Gluttony by Shigeru Toyama Ekikoi: young lady in love with station attendant by Betty Nanasato Wu Xia EBD (Director of Education Bureau) Disposable comics:

      “The Country of America” ​​ “Sammy and Ono”

    • “Ninja Rookie”
    • “No Return” Night” “Princess’s Situation”

      “Memories of the Sand” “Playboy” “Interstellar Communication”

    Manga titles are also available Used on various English comic services such as Comic Club and BookWalker


    Azuki with Media Do

    and MediBang deals! Over time, it will see it add 338 headers from companies to the service, each New titles are available every month.

    Source: Press Release 600




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