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Azuki Adds Drifting Net Cafe, The Tenth Prism, 2 More Manga

KiraKira Media Inc.’s digital manga service Azuki announced on Thursday that it has added the following four manga to its service:


Creator: Shūzō Oshimi
Summary: In a unique work mixing eroticism and true love, this is the acclaimed Shūzō Oshimi‘s newest work in “.” Koichi Toki, 29, enters a net cafe on a whim and is reunited with his first true love. They are elated to meet again, but then the city around their net cafe disappears! The fated couple share the cafe with nerds, thugs, a brash young kid, girls, and businessmen, and as the interactions between these unconnected people unfold, it results in a sudden interdimensional love story!


Creator: Masahito Soda
Summary: In a distant time, a small country — the “Land of Bones” — discovers a strange technology, and plunges the world into fear and despair.” Since the dawn of time, the Kingdom of Karan — loved by its inhabitants and neighbors alike — has existed in peace and in harmony with nature. But now, the kingdom has fallen and its citizens have scattered. Karan’s sole hope? A small boy — Prince Tsunashi. Despite his reluctance to accept the challenges of reviving Karan, Tsunashi’s right eye patch hides the mark of the prophesied savior: THE EYE OF GOLD. Threatened by the intensifying advance of the fearsome and mysterious Land of Bones, a skillful ploy by a vassal allows Tsunashi to discover and harness his legendary ability hidden underneath the eye patch — and fight to save his kingdom.


Creator: Eriko Kobayashi
Summary: A bold comic essay of a depression survivor looking back to her past blunder. In the depth of despair, Eriko struggled as she tried adapting to mental health institution environment. Eriko Kobayashi‘s superb ability to deliver dark but comedic self-narrative would not only let readers ponder the importance of mental health but might also reveal the hidden anxiety inside our mind we never know we had…


Creator: Kei Ginkawa
Summary: The rain that started to fall turned into April’s last snowfall. On that day, my sister died. My shoulders that wouldn’t stop shaking… were held down by Eiji.” Although Asahi knew Eiji only pampered him as a replacement, it doesn’t stop him from harboring romantic feelings for his sister’s former fiancee. The feelings won’t come across, the love won’t bloom, but Asahi still stays beside the man he loves. Until one night…

A chest-tightening touching love story under the mercy of rain, knocks the softest part of your heart.

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