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Azuki to Release Our Aimless Nights, ‘You’re So Sloppy, Hotta-sensei’ Manga in English in Early 2024

ANN’s coverage of Anime NYC 2023 sponsored by Yen Press and Ize Press!

KiraKira Media Inc.’s digital manga service Azuki announced at its panel at Anime NYC on Sunday that it has licensed Koumori’s () manga and Mao Nakada‘s () manga. The company will exclusively publish the two manga in English digitally starting in early 2024.

Azuki also announced it will release the following works that are also available on other services:

  • Mizue Odawara‘s (distributed by Media Do International)
  • Yuna Anisaki and Momoshiro‘s (distributed by Media Do International)
  • Tsuyoshi Osumi‘s (distributed by MediBang)
  • Haguro‘s (distributed by MediBang)
  • Konoha Kizima‘s (published by Star Fruit Books)
  • Lin Yi’s Immoral (distributed by MediBang)
  • VIEW’s A Long Stay (distributed by MediBang)
  • Kata Katoh’s Split Story (distributed by MediBang)
Image courtesy of Azuki

Azuki describes (pictured above):

Cheerful, energetic high school girl Chika and shy, reserved boy Kazuya couldn’t be more different. But they have a secret: every Wednesday after 9PM they meet outside the convenience store where Kazuya works. Bit by bit, under the light of the moon, a unique connection begins to blossom in this enchanting coming-of-age love story!

Koumori debuted the manga on Futabasha‘s Web Action website in July 2022 and the series is ongoing.

Image courtesy of Azuki

Azuki describes (pictured above):

Makoto Kuribayashi is your typical high schooler with a not-so-typical after-school gig as a housekeeper. His latest client? None other than his school’s most popular teacher, the gorgeous Rumiko Hotta. But Hotta-sensei is hiding a dirty little secret: she’s a total slob, the polar opposite of her flawless public image! Now, Makoto’s got the unenviable task of cleaning up after her mess. Will his admiration for Hotta-sensei survive a dose of harsh reality in this irreverent comedy?

Nakada launched the ongoing manga in Futabasha‘s magazine in 2022. Futabasha published the manga’s third volume on October 26.

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