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'Babylon' director Damien Chazelle says he knew movie would 'drive some people crazy'

Damien Chazelle said he is grateful when a film is polarized, which certainly describes the critical reaction to his latest endeavor, Babylon.

The Oscar-winning filmmaker and Insider

are on chatted) the interview was released online on Monday ahead of the film’s UK release, where he was asked about his thoughts on the currently held 1920 What do you think of the movie Rotten Tomatoes approval percentage. Babylon focuses on 1920 Hollywood’s transition from silent movies to the sound era, Its cast includes Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Diego Calva and Jean Smart.

“Once the filmmaker has finished the film, then it becomes the audience’s, including the critics, including everyone,” Chazelle replied. “Everybody is going to have a different opinion about the movie, I think they’re all legit. Then it kind of became a world movie.”

he explained Said that while he doesn’t mind filmmakers revising their films after release, he personally doesn’t believe in doing so. “That’s fine, but I do think at some point, a movie represents a time and a moment in history,” said the First Man director. “You finish the movie, you give it away, and then I think it’s time to actually move forward in a way, beyond talking about what it needs to do to promote it.”

Chazelle continued, “But it’s nice to have something that sparks conversation and debate and a lot of heated opinions on both sides. I think it’s good. More movies should do that.”

There’s no doubt this movie has sparked debate, especially considering it’s been a hit at the box office The bombing is less than $ million so far. In his review of The Hollywood Reporter

, lead film critic David Rooney (David Rooney) thought Babylon “felt like an overworked parody.” He also wrote, “No doubt many cool kids will be eager to sign up for the film. The movie hits insanely over the top, though just as many will find it exhausting and repulsive. Even its virtuosity feels assaulted.”

The film has been part of the awards season conversation, earning five Golden Globe nominations, including winning Best Achievement . Babylon also received nine nominations for Sunday’s Critics’ Choice Awards, with winning the only Victory for Best Production Design.



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