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'Bachelor in Paradise' star says he didn't walk for four months after injury at scene

Casey Woods after suffering painful injuries while filming ABC’s The Bachelor , is reflecting on his long recovery in Heaven in June .

In footage from this week’s dating series, viewers see contestant Woods tell Brittany Galvin that Peter Izzo has been having sex with Galvin Post negative comments. After she confronted Izzo about the situation, Woods was heard saying he felt “very dizzy” and collapsed on the beach in Vallarta-Nayarit, Mexico. Medics quickly assisted Woods, who was taken by ambulance to a local hospital and did not return to the show.

After the episode aired, Woods informed fans on social media that he broke three bones in his ankle in the fall and has been unable to walk for more than four months after the injury. He attached a photo showing him still wearing a cast.

“Enter Heaven in my best physical, mental and spiritual condition…leave 3 Broken bone,” Woods captioned a post on his Instagram account Wednesday. “It’s been over four months, but trying to stay positive…Thanks to everyone who sent a sweet message…that means the world.”

Woods, who created Got his own franchise as a contestant in the season of Michelle Young’s The Bachelorette Debut December airing finale, guest on Wednesday’sBachelor’s Happy Hour show1000583106305pod cast. He told co-hosts Young and Becca Coughlin that he flew back to the U.S. shortly after being treated in a hospital in Mexico and that his swelling subsided for three weeks before undergoing surgery.

According to Woods, he was confined to bed every day for the first month 1235168124 Hours after a fall because his parents took care of him. He said he wished he’d known a week and a half ago that he could finally walk on crutches, but doctors told him his bones “just moved a little bit”, which meant he needed to continue walking on crutches. The scooter moves around.

Woods explained that he had never had a fainting before and attributed it to “multiple factors,” including heat on the beach and lack of sleep. “It’s really sad that things took an unexpected turn, but at the same time, thank God I didn’t hit anything,” he said.

ABC AND THE SHOW A representative for producer Warner Horizon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.




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