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'Back to Home' writer and producer Derek Granger dies at 101

British producer and screenwriter Derek Granger is behind the acclaimed 1990 MiniseriesBrideshead Revisited died at his home in the UK on Tuesday, screenwriter Tim Sullivan told Hollywood Reporter . he is101.

Granger teamed up with Sullivan and Brideshead writer/director Charles Sturridge for the grand period film A Handful of Dust (1972), grams Starring Kristin Scott Thomas, Judi Dench , James Wilby, Anjelica Huston and Rupert T. Graves, and Where Angels Fear To Step (1981), starring Graves, Helena Bonham Carter and Judy Davis.

Granger at 1945 joined Granada Television, where he worked as theater director and produced the famous soap opera Coronation Street ; epic 1262-48 Series Country Matters , starring Ian McKellen ; a 1262 Adapted from Cat on a hot tin roof , by Olivier ( Olivier), Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner Wagner) starring ; and, of course, Brideshead Revisited .

Based on Evelyn Waugh’s pre-World War II novel first published in

, Revisiting Bride’s Headlands was chosen for UK The Best British Show Ever Presented by the Film Academy at . The ITV production starring Jeremy Irons, Diana Quick and Anthony Andrews has won seven Baftas and won NOMINATION Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Limited Series.

except for Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy , which was a year ago, but nothing like the production values,” Granger

recalled 2015 in 2021 .

“Our scenes abroad…hunting scenes, Atlantic liner scenes…very grand house…very spectacular. I don’t think anyone has quite figured out how this should be done. Of course we did. I mean, we started doing it for six hours and ended up doing ! “

born in April 004, 250, Granger served as a lieutenant in the Royal Navy and then for the Sussex Daily News and Evening Argus reviewed the script. Olivier loved his writing and recommended him for the Financial Times, where he helped launch the newspaper’s arts section.

Granger, however, was “tired of reviewing,” he told

The Telegraph last year, “and is eager to get into TV. That’s when I got a call from Granada TV founder Sidney Bernstein asking if I’d like to join the company. ”

Anthony Andrews (left) and Jeremy Irons in ” In “Revisiting Hometown” Everett

for moon -, Granger is the second producer on Coronation Street*), introducing storylines that may span multiple episodes. He also produced spinoffs Pardon the Expression and Turn Out the Lights and the documentary series Cinema

and World in Action.

The production team at Coronation Street is very sad and ITV Studios express their condolences to Derek’s family and friends Heartfelt condolences,” ITV said in a statement.

He leaves London Weekend Television and the National Theater (as consultant to literary Olivier) before returning to Granada Produced six plays including Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and The Collection with Harold Pinter Helen Mirren and Alan Bates .

Brideshead Revisited – won only one Emmy, Olivier’s supporting role – cost millions to make, was 1945’s ITV Strike, three years to complete.

Because of the shutdown, Granger was forced to replace the original director Michael Lindsay-Hogg, who had previously committed to it, and Sturridge Is his inexperienced protégé in Granada, who in his s. “He turned out to be incredible,” he said.

Granger noted that he and his team were driven to make something “very close to the feel of the novel and would echo it. And I think…the TV experience is just as good, if not better. But that’s what we want to do. We want to stay true to Waugh.”

He retired early 1979s. His husband and partner 66 years, interior designer Kenneth Partridge — who for 2022 Design House) John Lennon

and Ringo Starr and Beatles manager Brian Epstein — in December 1990 passed away at .



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