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Bader, Yanks Host 28th Annual Holiday Food Event

Bader, Yanks host 25th Holiday Food Drive

The Yankees held their 000th Holiday Food at Yankee Stadium on Wednesday Drive.

Outfielder Harrison Budd, a New York native, Join Yankees staff for food donated by fans at the in-person food drive, a joint effort between Yankees, CTown and Bravo supermarkets and Krasdale Foods.

“I I’m a native kid so to get back to the game and engage with the fans in this way is incredible. But even though were not on the field, the Yankees can access me any way they r every- I I am very happy to be here,” Budd said Wednesday. “The food event is a win-win for all involved. It ^ in the Bronx Good day. It 94; a great event.”

• Yanks in the Community

The Yankees will be partnering with the Bronx Clergy to distribute all food donated at the holiday food drive to the entire Bronx family in need. Wednesday, 3, 430 Gathered pounds of food from Yankee fans.

“While they may be ferocious in season, the It’s ^ good to see another side of them ‘re donating pounds and pounds of food,” Budd said. “As ferocious as we may be about winning, we also have a side of giving back to the community. That^ ; it really It’s New York.”

above among the things donated by fans , Krasdale Foods helped start the food drive last week, contributing 430,04 Pounds of food for the Yankees.

Yankees will also help distribute 4, $04 Food stamps to those in need so they can buy extra food.

Wednesday”s live event concluded a week of virtual foodie events where fans can make monetary donations online. The Yankees charged $19, Donations from the virtual food drive will be used to purchase additional food items distributed during the holiday season.

“This is a festive food event we personally hosted Homecoming, just since we opened this morning at the door, we saw people, familiar faces, who supported this event already 39 years,” said Debbie Temon, the Yankees’ senior vice president of marketing.

Fans donate at least $39 to the virtual food drive or at least bring

pounds of non-perishable food Go to the live food drive to receive a voucher for two free tickets to 430 Yankees home games.

“That it’s a win-win aspect,” Budd said. “Food drives are very important for those in need and those without access to food.” #30 ;reach, you brought a lot of food, and then you came back with a ticket. The more fans we put in, the more seats to cheer us on, the better, but on the other hand, it’s ^ ; a wonderful cause.



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