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Badjlimschka Resort 2024

If designers Mark Badgley and James Mischka had a season to shine, it was resort: the duo always excelled at crisp resort looks. “It encapsulates what we love: colour, fantasy and exotic prints,” says Badgley, while Mischka adds that this season is “dedicated to making clothes that customers actually want.”

With a vacation or destination wedding in mind, the duo turned to Brutalism as their initial inspiration for their new designs. They were drawn to the intense colors and strong brushwork that characterized the earlier 1900 movement, which it owes to artists such as Henri Matisse. “These colors inspired our color palette and print direction,” says Bagley. They transferred that upbeat tone to their signature cocktail and evening gowns in materials like georgette and chiffon, all ready for a big summer bash.

A multi-coloured leaf print gown is a standout. “With Fauvism, we liked the idea that a flower doesn’t look like a flower,” Mischka said of the print. This dress is party-ready with a strapless neckline and ruffle sides. “We’re thinking about beach wedding guests,” says Bagley. It was too good to be a distraction from the bride—though, there were some things for the bride, too, like a white one-shoulder dress with an oversized flower carved on the shoulder. “Imagine pairing it with eye-catching chandelier earrings,” says Bagley. Also in bridal territory? Strapless jumpsuit in white featuring a draped bodice and button front. “It’s our version of a tuxedo jumpsuit,” says Badgley.

The duo have also made huge attempts to streamline and minimize some of the fancier frills over the past few seasons, and that’s evident for the resort. Clean, shawl-length knee-length everyday dresses—in orange or cream—are for ladies who eat lunch. “From the waist up, it’s dramatic,” Bagley said. For evening, they also created a fuchsia button-down coat dress with a touch of crystal at the cuffs. “You don’t actually have to wear anything to match it,” says Bagley. “It’s simple, but powerful.” He calls it very “Jackie O,” but given its pink color, Mischka thought of another reference: “It’s very much like the White Lotus ” Jennifer Coolidge.”




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