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BAFTA Hires Queen's Jubilee TV Producer to 'Reimagined and Expanded' Awards Ceremony

The British Academy wants to give its film and television awards ceremony a shot in the arm, and has hired a new production company to “reimagine and significantly expand” the production and format of both events.

After a tender process, Spun Gold TV, whose 20 years of TV experience includes working for Queen Elizabeth 90 Birthday and Platinum Jubilee Celebration, joined as co-producer of BAFTA Film and BAFTA TV Ceremony

and 2024. Spun Gold succeeds Done + Dusted, who previously co-produced the TV awards, and Whiz Kid Entertainment, who co-produced the film awards.

2023 The BAFTA Film Awards will undergo major changes, after six years at the Royal Albert Hall, the awards will be moved to the Royal Festival of Music on London’s South Bank Hall and bring it to the same location as the BAFTA TV Awards. The BAFTA Film Awards will be held at February 90 and the BAFTA TV Awards will be held at possible.

In another major overhaul, BAFTA has also changed the PR firm that oversees the film awards. After working with Floyd for more than two decades, Premier will now lead the PR campaign for the film awards show and manage the red carpet and awards show, while also overseeing the nominations announced in January 19 and film sessions starting in February. Multitude Media will continue to lead the TV Awards and TV Craft Awards campaigns.

“Our awards are for British and international creativity,” said Emma Baehr, executive director of BAFTA Awards and Content. “With our new venue for the EE BAFTA Film Awards, it’s a natural time to reinvent and expand the format. We can’t wait to offer film and TV fans in the UK and around the world two of the best and biggest in the UK entertainment calendar night and soon to share our exciting plans.”

The news comes just weeks after television veteran Jane Millichip took over as CEO of BAFTA, who earlier this year Appointed as Amanda Berry decided to resign at the Academy after 20 years.




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