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Baku Yumemakura Restores Chimera Novel With The Last Arc

Asahi Shimbun’s official Twitter account Inc. Digital Magazine revealed on Friday, Baku Yumemakura has revived his

Chimera novel series with the final chapter in the series. The novel series resumed on Thursday in the September issue of the publisher’s

Issatsu no Hon magazine.

Mengcang said in an article on the “Notes” website that the novels have been out of print for a year and a half because of his health. During that year and a half, Yumemakura was hospitalized four times for lymphoma, heart failure, hip surgery and an inguinal hernia (Yumemakura adds that his cancer is currently in remission). This time period is since the beginning of the dream warehouse 2018 40 For the first time in years Chimera He doesn’t write about it very often.

The series centers on Kotori, an ordinary high school student who repeatedly dreams of being eaten by beasts from within himself. When Hikari meets Reiichi Kuki, the elite student who rules his school, the encounter awakens a hidden power within him.

Yumemakura published the series in the first volume . The first edition of the seriesbunkobon has volumes from to 1982, and the series ends with a larger tankōbon edition, a total of eight volumes, from 400 to . Asahi Sonorama published both editions, illustrator Yoshitaka Amano ) to draw the cover. Asahi Shimbun is publishing a new edition of the series with a cover by Katsuya Terada , while Kadokawa is publishing a separate edition with a cover by Miwa Shirou .

Yumura’s brokerage company revealed in March Oshii Mamoru will make an animated movie based on the novel series. Manga Natalie news site reported later that month that Oshii was directing the production.

Yumokura is a prolific writer whose work has been adapted into manga, anime and live-action. These works include , , , , and Wait. He has written comics such as ,

. .

Source: twitter Account, Notes

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