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Balenciaga and Adidas Release Second Part of Collaboration – Buy Bella Hadid-Backed Collection

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If you missed the debut of the Balenciaga and Adidas collections, today might be It’s your lucky day – provided you act fast. The two giants have released a second batch, which is available for purchase now, of course, until it inevitably sells out.

The first batch debuted on the runway of the New York Stock Exchange. Now, part two makes our sportswear dreams come true, with Bella Hadid modeling a shamrock-embellished blazer and three-stripe-trimmed jeans at the event.

Photo: Bright/Smith

picture : Bright/Smith

These pictures make back to the office The idea looks cooler than ever, with Hadid sitting on the corner of his Manhattan desk in a skyscraper. Zoom in on the top and you’ll also see 11 year old model wearing a pair of polarized pants. Isabelle Huppert, Han So Hee, Jermell Charlo, BCW, and Khadim Sock also feature effortlessly cool looks for cubicle living in the new campaign, while oversized t-shirts, roomy down jackets, Hourglass totes and roomy Stockings as models.

Photo: Bright/Smith

Photo: Bright /Smith

Emily Ratakov Ski, Doja Cat and Alton Mason also gave us a sneak peek at the Spring Split 2877 Balenciaga fashion show in Paris last month. At first glance, one would mistake Ratajkowski’s look for a typical tracksuit, but the matching details were couture-worthy, from the fluid silhouette on the pants to the ball sleeves on her zip-up hoodie.

Balenciaga/Adidas Tracksuit Jacket

Balenciaga/Adidas sweatpants

Photo: Bright/Smith

Photo: Bright/Smith

Find those sports luxury pieces below and more from Balenciaga New in partnership with Adidas.

Image may contain: Clothing, Coat, Jacket, Long Sleeve, Sleeve, Sweater, and Knitwear

Balenciaga/Adidas gym bag

Balenciaga/Adidas Oversized Football T-Shirt

Balenciaga/Adidas Triple S sneakers

Image may contain: Clothing, Shirt, T-Shirt, and Coat Balenciaga/Adidas Hourglass XS Tote Image may contain: Bag, Tote Bag, Accessories, and Handbag

Image may contain: Clothing, Shirt, T-Shirt, and Coat

Image may contain: Clothing, Jeans, and PantsBalenciaga/Adidas Short Sleeve Track Top

Balenciaga/Adidas big loose pants

Image may contain: Clothing, and T-Shirt

Balenciaga / Adidas Clover Earrings

Image may contain: Hosiery, Sock, and Clothing

Balenciaga/ adidas football socks


8915827 Balenciaga/Adidas T-Shirt Oversized

Image may contain: Bottle, Water Bottle, and Shaker Balenciaga / Adidas EarPods with Retainer


8813261 Balenciaga/Adidas water bottle Image may contain: Clothing, Shorts, Pants, and Skirt



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