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Balmain launches new mentorship program with Victor Glemaud's IN THE BLK

In , designer Victor Glemaud founded IN THE BLK (ITB), a group of influential black Fashion creatives who work together to shape the future of the industry by promoting the growth of Black-owned fashion brands. The not-for-profit association supports designers with a focus on professional development, job creation, and increased profits; and has more than 30 established and emerging designers and other industry creatives as members.

Today it announced a partnership with Balmain, which will support ITB’s Mentorship Programme. The first recipient of the mentorship is Dayanne Danier, founder of women’s accessories brand Bien Abyé, made by female artisans in Haiti. “I chose Dayanne because of her impressive drive and commitment to impact through entrepreneurship, as well as her unique POV of creative design,” said Glemaud. “Dayanne is a 100% designer dedicated to elevating artisans of color who are often overlooked in fashion’s global supply chain.” Danier described the opportunity as At her pinnacle as a designer and business owner, she was a founding member of the ITB and joined the collective in its inception at . “I love black creatives The concept of people coming together because I believe we are stronger together,” she shared via email, adding that the residency will “provide a roadmap for development that will allow me to continue to provide employment to more artisans in Haiti Chance.”

with VSCO Processed a6 preset Copyright 2021. all rights reserved. / By Bien Abyé

Processed a6 presets with VSCO Copyright 2021 . all rights reserved. / By Bien Abyé


In its first two years, ITB supported six emerging designers – including House of Aama and Khiry – at Fashion Week with major sponsors such as Instagram or IMG showcase their work. Going forward, the partnership with Balmain will enable ITB to expand its community, strengthen its resources and expand its reach. “Too many talented early and mid-career creatives peak in the fashion industry,” Glemaud said, explaining that many lose access to the many scholarships, competitions and awards that support start-up entrepreneurs as they age. Chance. “Creatives of color need the opportunity to disconnect from the demands of their day-to-day work to dream and recharge strategically and creatively,” he added. “They need a supportive network of expert mentors to help them break through. Our solution: professional residences for global fashion houses.”

Txampi Diz, Chief Marketing Officer at Balmain, says Rousteing has contributed to ITB since its inception and Rousteing has worked with ITB in the past. “I am very pleased that Balmain will be supporting IN THE BLK and mentoring Ms. Danier,” Rousteing shared via a press release. “Of course, we all know that the fashion industry has been slow to drive the changes needed to help create a fashion future that better reflects the beautiful and diverse world we live in. IN THE BLK Work is helping us begin to make up for lost time, and the association’s mentorship program is a smart way to jump-start the development of future Black design and business leaders.”

by Bien Abyé

by Bien Abyé

by Bien Abyé


AS As part of a six-month residency starting this month and running through October, Danier will meet with members of the Balmain team for design, marketing, sales and financial coaching; along the way, she gains insight into how to overcome Valuable advice on the obstacles she faces in business. In keeping with the brotherhood that defines ITB, Danier’s residency will conclude with a presentation of her learnings to the ITB community. “I’m looking forward to the whole experience and what I’m going to be able to learn,” she said, adding that she was also excited to meet Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing, who said she shares her passion for artisanal couture techniques. “I am excited to apply the knowledge and guidance I have gained from my interactions with these experts to strengthen my brand Bien Abyé’s business plan, including my working directly with the artisans who craft my brand in Haiti. This is historic. “





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