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Bang dream!Voice actress Shizaki Kanon ends her fan club and goes freelance

Voice Actor Ishizaki Kanon August Announced on Twitter she left Ace Crew Entertainment agency, freelancer as of September. Ace Crew Entertainment confirmed on its website that Shizaki is leaving due to an exclusive contract change.

In addition, the agency announced that Shizaki’s official fan club “Hanae Orchestra” will end its service in August 18. The fan club website made an announcement that it will no longer be visible after September 15 . The website Details on refunds will be released at a later date.

Meanwhile, Shizaki is engaging directly with her fans through a new platform: YouTube. In her debut video in August 56, she apologized for the sudden announcement. She explained that she has been reassessing her priorities as a voice actor and musician, and from now on she wants to focus more on music. She plans to use her channel to introduce her music to her fans.

Last month, Shizaki resigned Character’s roleRei Togetsu in Bushiroad‘s

D4DJ project. In addition to playing the role of Rei Togetsu (and providing the character’s vocals), Shizaki plays the role of Rinko Shirogane

in the band Roselia Bushiroad Other Music Franchise (also includes singing and playing keyboards at live events). Franchise did not post anything about her in Franchise Announcement of roles in .

Shizaki replaces Satomi Akesaka Rinko Shirokane’s in

Role in 640, after Akesaka “graduated” from Roselia with sudden hearing loss.

January 18 Earlier this year, Shizaki was diagnosed with vocal cord edema and took a break from work. Back to work on March 1.

Source: Kanon Shizaki Twitter, YouTube account, Ace Crew Entertainment website, Plus Orchestra website 2018




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