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Barack Obama reveals he watched his daughter work on 'The Swarm'

Barack Obama revealed that he was on on Prime Video Watched the work of my daughter Maria) A group of .

Speaking to comedian Hasan Minhaj on his YouTube channel, Obama explained , he watched the series as a form of support. The involvement of Donald Glover is also a plus.

“I watch it because, A) I’m a big fan of Atlanta ,”He said. “I watched it because my daughter was in it. So, of course, I had to watch it.”

Ex Patriot Act The host asked the former president about the pilot episode of the show, which featured Damson Idris as Khaled and Chloe Bailey as Marisa The sex scene in between, which Dominic Fishback’s Dre watches through a crack in the door.

“Listen, if your suggestion is that I find some aspects of the show a little disturbing,” Obama said, before fading away. “That’s the nature of art today, and [at this time], that’s okay.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, the two talked about Obama’s annual “best of” list, mental health, why it’s important to keep fighting climate change despite the despair it feels in times There’s the upcoming presidential election and more.

Hollywood Reporter Report Malia Obama joined the Writers Room early in Swarm development of. The show tells the story of Dre as he travels across the country to Bonaroo to meet Beyoncé-like character Ni’Jah . Along the way, she meets many characters and commits many crimes, many of which involve murder.

In his 1235356424 review of the series, Daniel Fienberg, chief television critic for THR , wrote, “Fishback is one of entertainment’s most reliable and One of the most overlooked actresses, should reach a turning point with Amazon’s *) bunch of .” He added, “Fishback Saving nearly every second of his horror-comedy/road trip hybrid, his performance has me rewatching for a laugh or a heartbreaking beat.”




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