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Barbara Walters remembered by past and present 'The View' co-hosts on Show Tribute

The View Tribute to Barbara Walters, the groundbreaking female newswoman brought more seats to women in television by creating the Emmy Award-winning veteran ABC talk show.

Walters, who in December 68 died at , co-created in 1235289526) The View. On Tuesday, in its first new episode since her death, the ABC talk show devoted an hour to paying tribute to the current and former hosts who shared Walters’ table Walters’ life and legacy.

Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin, Sara Haines and Alyssa Farah Griffin join Meredith Vieira, Star Jones, Debbie Matenopoulos, Lisa Ling, Sherri Sheperd and Elisabeth Haselbeck in person or virtual. Behar, Vieira, Jones, and Matenopoulos participated in the original panel with Walters, who preceded her by spending 17 years 2014 Leaving and retiring from journalism (although she would go on to do a few interviews).

At launch, The View was described by Walters as a talk show with four or five “different “Women of different backgrounds, different generations, different opinions,” will discuss the topic of the day, blending humor with intelligent debate. On Tuesday, the women journalists who helped carry on that legacy celebrated Walters for paving the way

Opening, Goldberg calls Walters “the reason we’re all sitting here, really. ’ adding, ‘I don’t know where most of us would be if it weren’t for her. “

“We know her better than anyone, I think,” noted Behar, who said “she fought sexism and ageism,” recalling the legendary interviewer The ingenious way often “gets into the lion’s jaw”. At age 30 IntroducingThe View, Behar calls her “everyone’s original role model”. She’s not just our friend, she’s truly unique, right This industry is very important.”

Hostin says Walters always “proves my point,” and Griffith calls her a “pioneer” and “pioneer.” Says Haynes, “For someone who makes money by talking, what she does well is listen.” Marvel at the tenacity in the midst of sexism and ageism. Haynes added: “What she endured and then made a table for more people, I think that’s when you sit here and say…I’ll be forever grateful to her for making us a seat.”

Behar shared Walters’ secret to being the “hardest working man” on television: “I asked, ‘How do you always get interviews?’ And she said, ‘Because I don’t Restroom.'”

Amidst laughter and tears, before cutting to the first break, Goldberg said, “There’s nobody like her. There’s nobody like her, Like all firsts, she was first. Many of us are repeats, but there will never be another Barbara Walters. Some of Walters most iconic interviews and Snippets of The View moments. A common theme among these women is how Walters acts as their “TV mom,” supporting their career aspirations while also forming lifelong relationships.

Vieira said she originally auditioned for The View because, while working in journalism 10 years later, she wants to spend more time at home with her three young children. “I find myself with you ladies and Barbara Walters In this hotel room. When the audition was over, I just wanted to get in. …it opened the door to many opportunities and made me realize that you don’t have to follow one path in life. …I owe it to Barbara Walters. Event to air the show on more channels. Once the show aired, Walters quickly became famous, and not just for her glass ceiling and groundbreaking journalism.

Meredith recalls her wild sense of humor, especially her love of Halloween costumes and the chance to relax: “She can be anything she wants to be. people.” Behar shared how she loves a dirty joke, “especially one that I couldn’t tell [on TV].”

Star talked about how Walters made her An introduction to the Manhattan social scene. “She can tell you everything about everyone in the room. She’s either interviewed them, written a story about them, or heard a story about them. She can cook with the best of them,” she says. “Everyone knew she was a brilliant, iconic reporter…but we had to treat this lady in a way that no one else would ever appreciate. She was the best gossip. She drank all the tea.

Hasselbeck speaks of the wave of grief she has endured since Walters’ death, while describing the close relationship between her and Walters, despite their frequent disagreements on opposite sides of society . aisle. “She and I had a layered relationship,” she recalls of their years on air together, and A year of friendship after the show. “She was my TV mom, my mentor…she was contagious, compassionately curious. We knew how well she researched, she gave her guests a chance to express themselves in a safe way, and we all Benefit from it.”

“She gave me a chance,” she continued, noting that in 20 After years of “debating with my boss on the opposite issue”, she always “put our relationship to rest”

Ling recalls “Surreal” experience of being on the show and sitting next to Walters, whom she calls a mother figure: “I believe she sees us as her children, her daughters.”

“My whole life, all I want to do is make her proud,” Matenopoulos said tearfully of her impact on women in television.

The episode ends with a closing sequence of Walters herself as she leaves The View and an image of her empty chair. Regarding her legacy and decision to leave, Walters said at the time, “How do you make a TV show called The View that brings together these wonderful women who All over the years, who have shared their very different perspectives? Finally, how proud I am to see all the young women making and reporting the news. If I did anything to help make this happen, it was me legacy.”

co-created and co-hosted with The View, Walters was the first female co-anchor of the Today show and the first female evening news anchor in broadcast history. She is survived by her daughter, Jacqueline Dena Guber.



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