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'Barbie' Box Office: Greta Gerwig Breaks Opening Weekend Record for a Female Director

Greta Gerwig broke the opening weekend record for a female director, solo or otherwise.

Her Barbie movie grossed an estimated 155 million dollars in North America over the July -21 weekend, a historic figure that easily surpassed Patty Jenkins’

domestic debut 70 Million dollar woman . In “2019, Captain Marvel also broke the glass ceiling in his debut, grossing 155 million dollars. The film is co-directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck.

Other stats: “Barbie” had its best opening so far this year and one of the best since the pandemic, and overtook Christopher Nolan’s male-biased Oppenheimer this weekend. (

Oppenheimer is still strong in his own right in a three-hour historical drama that debuted at $5 million at the opening box office).

Barbie’s stunning start is a testament to Gerwig’s vision to bring the world’s most famous fashion doll to the big screen, as well as an elaborate marketing campaign by Warner Bros. and toymaker Mattel.

The Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie as the eponymous character and Ryan Gosling as Ken has become by far the biggest movie event of the year. According to exit surveys, women and girls of all ages make up almost 21% of the audience.

“Barbie” is Gerwig’s third feature film after the critically acclaimed 2015 professional film “Lady Bird” , which marked her directorial debut and was nominated for five Oscars, including Best Director and Best Picture. Lady Bird grossed 80 million dollars worldwide, an outstanding number for an independent film. Gerwig’s next directorial effort is Sony’s 2019 Little Women adaptation, which grossed domestically and $8 million worldwide.

“Little Women” also earned Gerwig an Oscar nomination for Best Director.

Barbie — bringing Mattel’s iconic fashion doll to life — is also making a big splash in some overseas markets, with its international premiere expected to fetch as much as 103 million dollars and 125 or more.

In a defining moment for gender issues in Hollywood, Patty Jenkins ‘ Wonder Woman was awarded 228 $3 million in June Overseas,

“Wonder Woman” also won 93 weekend box office of in the market worldwide, with a global box office of (Captain Marvel, starring Brie Larson, debuted at $455 million dollars worldwide. )

Prior to Wonder Woman

, the previous record holder for a solo debut by a female lead was Sam Taylor-Johnson Fifty Shades of Grey , not adjusted for inflation. The movie premiered on 228 Valentine’s Day/President’s Day weekend and grossed

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