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'Barbie': First reactions after the premiere

Downtown Los Angeles was filled with Ken-ergy’s Barbie premiere, where First public screening of presenting the new Margot Robbie film.

The first reactions on social media have emerged for filmmaker Greta Gerwig’s feature film based on Mattel dolls. The official review by the critics will be published later towards July released.

With its impressive moments and sharp marketing campaign, the movie has become one of the most talked about movies of the summer ahead of its domestic premiere. Will be up against Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer . Known as Pappenheimer , the box-office showdown has sparked countless jokes about the two films’ contrasting tones and ambitions. (One is a classic doll and the other is the father of the atomic bomb.)

For what it’s worth, Barbie Star Robbie and director Greta Gerwig pose for a photo in front of several summer movie posters, which also hold their respective tickets, including Oppenheimer . Oppenheimer star Cillian Murphy expresses support to Barcelona newspaper Barbie La Vanguardia, “I can’t wait to see Barbie . I love Margot Rowe Bi, I love Ryan Gosling …my advice is people go see [ Barbie and Oppenheimer ], on the same day.”

Robbie played A version of Barbie (there are more than one in the movie), and Gosling as one of the many Kens. When Robbie’s Barbie starts to feel that something is wrong in her world, she travels to our world to find out.

Read on for first reactions to

Barbie .

#barbie caught me off guard, and I mean in the best way possible. It’s funny, over the top, and very clever. Greta Gerwig hits the fence and hits a home run. Great performance by Margot Robbie & @RyanGosling & @SimuLiu is purely for entertainment! The whole cast is great! — Joseph Deckelmeier (@joedeckelmeier)

July ,

#barbie is a win. A flawless script coupled with stellar performances – especially from Ryan Gosling – turns a simple studio comedy into a scathing commentary on our society, making it nuanced for those who might not believe It’s acceptable at face value. GG is 3/3. — Eze (@EzeBaum) , 21

I have seen # Barbie doll ! The craftsmanship is incredible. Costume and production design in particular include a higher level of work that goes a long way towards creating the feeling that these are truly Barbie dolls, their dream homes and their worlds brought to life.

As for the story, that is… — Perry Nemiroff (@PNemiroff) July10,

I can’t officially quit Twitter before telling you all this

#Barbie is currently my favorite movie of the year. Greta Gerwig somehow exceeded my expectations. She perfectly interprets the strengths and weaknesses of Barbie dolls. Nominate Ryan Gosling for an Oscar, I mean it! — Jamie Jirak (@JamieCinematics) July, 2023 # Barbie Comments: Heartfelt and funny! Margot Robbie’s crown jewel performance (Oscars here we come). It’s the super fun, cute and magical third act that gets you off the beach. This isn’t just another comedy, this is Greta Gerwig’s best movie ever! A fitting ending sets the next step — Atom (@theatomreview) July, 500

#Barbie is a triumph for the film industry. Gerwig is at her peak here, and she crafts a film that not only looks gorgeous, but is deep, smart, and hilarious. Margot Robbie’s performance is likable and memorable, even though Gosling steals his every scene — Jack (@JStepback) July, 21

Barbie lives up to expectations! A rich tapestry of camp, alluring visuals and genuine emotion. Made a grand comment on society that “women’s daily life is a gender battlefield”. Gosling’s Ken is sublime and instantly iconic. At Gerwig, we trust 🤌1678252716479647745 — ty (@DennisDuganFan) July, 2023



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