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'Barbie' production leads to international shortage of Greta Gerwig's movie pink paint

Greta Gerwig’s Barbie Production used so much pink paint to bring the fantasy world to life it actually resulted in a shortage of colors.

In a recent interview

Architectural Digest, released online Tuesday, as the director opened up about how Barbieland came to be and who helped create the iconic pink set design for the highly anticipated film.

“Keeping ‘boyish’ is the most important thing,” she

said of the Margot Robbie ( Margot Robbie) said as Mattel’s iconic fashion doll and Ryan Gosling as Ken. “I wanted the pink to be very bright, almost too much of everything.”

Gerwig also notes that it’s important not to “forget what it was that made me love Barbie as a kid doll.” So that’s when she decided to challenge production designer Sarah Greenwood and decorator Katie Spencer.

Greenwood told the magazine that to help “make Barbie real in this unreal world,” they took inspiration from Palm Springs mid-century modernism .IndieWire

“Pink became a movie theme” and when it came to finding the perfect pink, “working with the painter was epic, mixing the right colors . ”

But due to construction, Greenwood told AD

there was an eventual international shortage of fluorescent shades of Rosco paint She added, “The world…is out of pink.

Overall, Gerwig said her goal was to “capture the fun of the dream house” in the film, which will be released in July21.



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