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Barwon Health to launch community EMR next year

Barwon Health, the regional health service in Geelong, Victoria, will implement a community EMR system next year.

According to media release, cloud-based EMR system will leverage Salesforce Health Cloud to provide access to clinical information, resources and appointment times Live access. It will also be designed to incorporate security and privacy controls.

Health Services utilizes local software integrator Mav3rik to implement the system in Barwon for Health Services and Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Services ( except Swanston Centre).

Why is it important

According to Barwon Health, Community EMR is one of the first platform-based solutions from the Victorian Public Health System for community health settings. It aims to digitize the health records of community and mental health patients.

“Access to this real-time Barwon Health consumer information will enable clinicians to better respond Andrew Macfarlane, CIO of Barwon Health, claims that each incident of care reaches a level previously unachievable in a paper-based health records environment.

“Clinicians will have a complete view of the consumer’s healthcare experience, and consumers will be able to access their own Barwon Health information,” he added.

The platform will also allow consumers to have greater control and choice over their health, said Jackie James, a community clinician for the Hospitalization Risk Program.

“This portal will provide consumers with access to the latest information about their healthcare, access to valuable health education and resources, and to communicate with their the way consumers communicate. healthcare providers,” she explained.

In addition, the communication unity EMR will help reduce paperwork and Provides employees with quick access to information on the go.


Barwon Health has continued to digitize its processes and services in recent years.

When the highly contagious Delta variant caused a new outbreak last year, the Health Services introduced CovaxApp, a vaccine booking and management tool to support its vaccination campaigns. The app was launched ahead of the Victorian Government’s launch of a state-wide online vaccine booking platform.

With support for real-time analytics, Barwon Health, in conjunction with the Southwest Rural Health Alliance, implemented InterSystems’ IRIS for Health platform to simplify and accelerate real-time value extraction from healthcare data process.



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