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Base Mark Tokyo Spring 2023

Base Mark’s first signature is a kind of maze The like-for-like layering approach. This isn’t the classic button-down sweater tank top blazer style, but an approach that borders on insane, where many components of an outfit get tangled up.

spring The series is inspired by the fact that a wide-angle lens distorts the subject of a given photo. Designer Shiho Kaneki applied these changes literally to the garment: the collar and trousers were twisted and stretched. This game of proportions allows for a scarf or extra shirt to playfully poked through.

Old clothes are also key. Some of the pants were mostly cut, leaving only the silhouette of the garment, allowing other elements of the garment to peek. A more wearable iteration is a pair of khaki trousers with an extra wide waist and diagonally cut legs.

Every garment is a knot that the wearer can twist and the audience can relax. The final outfit seemed to brazenly acknowledged the idea: the top was a wad of Basemark-branded ribbon, paired with cobalt blue twill arm warmers.



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