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Basheva Resort 2024

“It’s an interesting moment,” Batsheva Hay said in an interview at her downtown studio. “I’ve gone completely black.” Indeed, nearly every piece in her resort collection is black, white, or gray (and sometimes silver), for form-fitting shift dresses and corsets with a very

style dresses brought major drama to flowy skirts with pockets. She added, “I get uncomfortable when there are too many things in a collection that I don’t like. So I really Trying to make it something I want to wear right now.” Proving her point, she wore a 50 version of the dress, made of black and white cotton.

recently For several seasons, Hay has been experimenting with directions she can take her brand — and her clientele — without completely abandoning what made her successful in the first place. For the resort, that means new silhouettes and There was hardly any chintz. “It’s really about the different fabrics,” she said. Highlights include a black velvet long-sleeve dress with white tie detail from bust to shoulder; a streamlined maxi dress with bell sleeves and a mock turtleneck It featured shiny black sequins, and a long pleated sheath velvet dress in deep burgundy (one of three colorful pieces in the collection) with a high neckline and slightly padded shoulders.

Hay may be the queen of dresses, but she likes to layer them with suits, and she has some great options, including a black high-waisted A-line dress with sequined “fun fireworks embroidery” buttons a blouse; a four-button jacket with exaggerated ruffled sleeves and a maxi skirt in abstract floral jacquard silk; and black taffeta button-down cropped trousers with allover rhinestones. While it’s more serious than her usual offerings, Resort still has her offbeat allure. “It’s very Wednesday Addams-like,” she once said, describing a black dress with lace ruffles on the skirt, though Wednesday may find more than one piece in the collection she likes.



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