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Baubles for Mom and Me, crafted by two whimsical jewelry designers

While there are other distractions – including a place to adorn your own crown (I wanted so badly but held back. I work here!) – the active In the center is the jewelry table. It’s a delightful mix of Super Smalls goodies — rhinestone necklaces and Cinderella slippers with sparkly heels, swirling rings, fancy swimming goggles — and Wheeler’s exquisite fine jewelry, including ombré green saffron Rye stone earrings, heart-shaped Elsa rings, hinged emerald and turquoise bracelets, and of course, collaborations. But wait! Are there four unicorns here? Didn’t Emily only make three? A Super Smalls beast sneaks into Wheeler’s trio of odd creations. As it turns out, bejeweled animals are no snobs.

Morgan Foitle

“I’m the target customer for that unicorn—a real unicorn. I think jewelry is about spirituality and fun,” says Elshane (who goes by the same name, as Madonna or Cher) tell me. Elshane, one of the event’s co-hosts, was a symphony of Chanel: a Kelly green jacket with a plaid mini and purple slippers. She brought her two daughters, Sunday, seven, and Vega, three, today. I asked Sunday to pick out her favorites on the table, and she bypassed Super Smalls for Wheeler’s emerald and diamond tiered drop earrings. Just goes to show that you can’t fool all the little girls all the time when it comes to jewelry.

But not everyone has refined taste for Sundays. Willa, who isn’t allowed to wear jewelry at school, is sporting something that’s sure to get her sent to the principal’s office – a Super Smalls Days of the Week lip balm necklace. Another little one is struggling with a painful decision: the Clover & Mermaid Pool Party Superset. Which would you choose? (“Mums love mermaids—it reminds them of Celine,” Jacobs confides.) Standing over the little shoppers are three full-fledged women focused solely on Wheeler products. One already has Patchwork drop earrings, she wants another pair, and her friend is falling over for a diamond tassel necklace.



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