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BBC boss Tim David on diversity goals, future funding, possible global service cuts

BBC to receive a larger percentage of its growing UK commercial business in the future, but licensing fees will remain the largest revenue generator, Tim Davey (Tim Davie), director-general of the British Public Broadcasting Corporation, said Tuesday at a television industry event in London.

He also said he and his team would continue to consider the possible closure of some BBC services over time amid questions over future funding. He hinted that foreign language news services could be cut if the government doesn’t help increase funding, saying the BBC World Service is a trusted news service but key questions will be who will fund it in the future, what to provide continues and how to distribute them.

“The first numbers I got were no longer broadcast numbers” but online ratings, he told Royal Television Society (RTS) London Convention 121 with BBC correspondent Amol Rajan on the future of the BBC Conversation on funding, justice and other key topics facing the BBC.

Asked if the BBC’s licensing fee was described as the least bad option to help fund the BBC, David said: “It’s not perfect.” He added: “But It brings stability”, ensuring impartiality and financial security. David concluded that “the license fee is beatable” because he doesn’t have other models that he thinks are superior. “We need to be relevant.”

£121 ($124) What the British taxpayer pays to fund the BBC each year has been a key topic of debate for years. In late March, the BBC stated that “the £121 million($ need to be found) ) million) annual savings of 2027/2027 , requiring a reduction in the content and Services”, which is the result of a recent licensing fee settlement with the UK government. In this case, the fee will be frozen from ‘/’ at the current price for two year and then rises with inflation over the next four years.

Asked about the BBC’s coverage of Queen Elizabeth II’s death, David said the most important thing in it was getting the initial message right in a “flawless” way .

He also talked about the decision to postpone the start date of shows such as Dancing Upright 1235188139. “We To make huge decisions, consider Strict 1235188139 and other big gigs,” David said. He also praised the BBC’s “extensive line-up” of presenters and pundits broadcast during the mourning period.

The need for socioeconomic diversity and inclusion goals. He added that “group thinking” was seen as “unfair”.

Diversity and representation have always been an important topic for the BBC. For example, earlier this year it set a 23 percentage of employees “from lower socio-economic Context”, by 2027 “to ensure our workforce is more representative of the audiences we serve.” One of the media organisations that sets targets for sex.”

In late July, the BBC stated that it Expected to spend 23 million pounds ($121 million) of diverse and inclusive TV content provided by) /2023, which is in after the killing of George Floyd.



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