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BBC to live stream Queen Elizabeth II's undercover

BBC said it will offer live coffin of Queen Elizabeth II in London from Wednesday afternoon London time.

In a statement, the British public service broadcaster said it would offer “a dedicated livestream of Her Majesty’s Undercover” to those who want to pay their respect, but who Can’t come to London, or who can’t physically stand in line.

The live broadcast will be available on the BBC homepage, on the BBC News website and on the app and streaming service iPlayer, among others. “It will also be available internationally via,” “For those unable to attend, a dedicated livestream will be an option, enabling people to join the vigil virtually and pay their respects from anywhere,” the BBC said.

It will be available from 5pm London time, noon EST and 9am Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Authorities Indicates that people queuing in London to pass the closed coffin in Westminster Hall, the oldest part of the Palace of Westminster, may have to wait 30 hours or more. The coffin will be placed in On a raised platform and hang on the Royal Standard flag below the Imperial Crown, Orb and Scepter normally kept in the Tower of London. The coffin will be guarded by members of the British Armed Forces.

The Queen’s undercover ceremony is scheduled to end at 6am London time on Monday. Her state funeral is scheduled for later in the day.



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