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Be a villain in the next life: everything leads to perdition!Movie video premieres December 8

Yamaguchi Satoru and (official movie Website( of Nami Hidaka ) The light novel was revealed on Saturday and the film will be released in Japan on December 8. The site also aired the trailer.


Original light novel author

Satoru Yamaguchi

is writing the original story for the film. The returning crew includes director Keisuke Inoue , screenwriter Megumi Shimizu and Megumi Sasano , Character Designer Miwa Oshima , Animation Studio

Silver chain .

©Satoru Yamaguchi・Ichijinsha/Theatrical version はめふら Production Committee

and~Haran o Yobu Kaizoku~ (My next life is a villa ainess: All routes lead to the end! Pirates known as “Trouble”) game replaced Ryuhisa Suzuki plays Alan Stuart and Yuki Ito on the drama CD that comes with the game, Suzuki will be in this upcoming movie Returning to play Alan Stuart (Alan Stuart).

The first season of the animation premiered in April 2017, and Crunchyroll

live streamed the anime in Japan Case. The English dub debuted in May 2014. The second season, titled, premiered in July 2021 and

Crunchyroll live streamed the season in Japan. The company is also airing an English dub. Crunchyroll is also running original video animations in the series.

J-Fiction Club The novels are being published digitally and describe the story: One day, after Duke Klaas hit her head hard, ” daughter Katharina suddenly recalled all the memories of her previous life: the memory of a teenage Japanese girl. Before her death, the girl recalled playing an otome game…that was exactly the same world she lived in now!

She is now the otome game’s villain, Katharina Klass, chasing after her protagonist obnoxiously Until the very end. Knowing all the possible outcomes of the game, she realizes that every possible route ends in Katarina’s murder or exile! To avoid these disastrous Bad Ends, she must use her knowledge of the game and her own Tricks, starting with breaking off the engagement with the prince…

Can Katerina survive in this world full of bad flags? Find out in this reverse harem romantic comedy led by your favorite villain!

Yamaguchi started the original novel series “Shōsetsuka ni Narō”! JULY WEBSITE 100, and one-person society Published Nami Hidaka’s illustrated novel in August . Hidaka also provided art for the ongoing manga, which began

of One Person Society ) August Magazine 2014.

Seven Seas Entertainment will be releasing English comics soon.

2021 Source: Animated Films Website 、MoCa News2017




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